Frequently asked questions:

Q.    My engine light is on – What should I do? And Is it safe to drive?

A.    Bring in your vehicle as soon as possible and have us scan the computer. Once we find the fault code we can then determine better if it is safe to drive or needs to be repaired right away to prevent a more costly repair

 Q.    My oil light is on – What should I do?

A.    If you are driving down the road, as quickly and as safely as possible pull your vehicle over and shut off the engine. Check the dipstick to see if your engine is low on oil or if it is low on pressure.

If there is no oil on the dipstick you need to add oil until you see oil between the two marks at the bottom of the dipstick. Do not drive your vehicle until there is oil in it. Once you have added oil start your vehicle and the light should go out. Make sure that you look under your vehicle to see if there is a major leak. If you see fluid dripping then you need to get your vehicle towed.

If the oil level is ok and the light is on then you will need to get your vehicle towed to prevent any further damage to the engine. Never drive your vehicle with low oil pressure.

Q.     I am buying a car – should I get it inspected?

A.     Yes you should get an inspection. Have our technicians do a pre-purchase inspection for you. In the inspection we look for evidence of any accidents and if the vehicle is from back east where the salt they use causes premature rusts and bolts to seize and break. These vehicles will cost more to repair and maintain due to seized components. We also let you know what maintenance has not been done and the future costs to bring everything up to date.

Q.    Shuttle Service

A.    We do offer complimentary shuttle service and pickup to the location of your choosing. Please schedule a ride when booking your appointment.

Q.    Are you CAA approved?

A.    Yes we are a CAA approved and a recommended repair facility

Q.    My car is still under warranty – Do I need to take it to the dealer?

A.    No you do not need to take your vehicle to the dealer to get it serviced, but you do need to service your vehicle to maintain the warranty. All the parts and fluids we use are warranty approved.